February 28, 2014 - theguild

The Guild: Actors

The Guild is a hilarious series based on the lives of the members of the Knights of Good guild in the dictionary game entitled “The Game”, based loosely on popular online multiplayer role playing games. The Actors in the guild are highly noted for the comedic timing and overall talent and skills.They hail from a variety of backgrounds and produce a show that is varied and over all hilarious.The combination of cast leads to a series that draws on and keeps the attention as well as developing the imagination.

The actors create and develop a relationship with one another and their own characters, as well as those who would watch the series. The actors and actresses express in an imaginative way what it meant to fit outside the box and act creatively. Each and every actor in his or her own way portrays the idea and feel of the series in a way that is relatable. This reliability and conveyance of emotion on the screen to the viewer is in part due to the full experience each actor has. The main characters are Codex,Zaboo,Vork,Tara and Tinkerbella.Codex is portrayed by Felicia Day.Along with creating an amusing and interesting character, Day has an extensive background in the media and film industry.She has starred in dozens of film and movie productions and hold awards for best actress in a comedic performance as well as awards for her writing.Sandeep Parikh is known for his comedic timing and constant energetic approach toward character portrayal.He has written and starred in many comedies as well as appearances on several television shows.

Jeff Lewis portrays Work, and keeps a funny and geeky charm during his portrayal. Lewis has worked with several comedy projects in the past and brings his experience to the guild. Vincent Castro has had a feature role in a film. Castro brings a refreshing comedic almost lanky and energetic tone to the Guild.Clara is portrayed by the comedy actress Robin Thorsen. Her experience and talents range from stand up to comedic plays, allowing her to play a large role in the funny and exciting dialogue of The Guild. Amy Okuda is the actress who portrays Tinkerbella. Her witty humour and use of physical appearance adds comedy and a lot of depth to the appeal of the series. Her work includes educational and music videos as well as comedic work.

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