March 9, 2014 - theguild

The Guild: Background

The background of the Guild is hilarious. The overall background begins with the brief back history of Codex. You are allowed to get access to her life from the very beginning. Each episode of The Guild starts off with the main character Codex (a.m.Cud Sherman) looking into a webcam with a sort of look of comedic bewilderment. She is in her room, surrounded by items you would expect to see in a bedroom as well as a few different items scattered around what seems to fit her eclectic taste.

In the beginning of the series, in the very first episode, Codex appears living along, this is an important aspect of the show and add a lot of humour is included for the progression of the storyline. She admits in a sort of depressing tone that her therapist “broke up” with her. She attributes her therapist stopping treating her due to the fact that she refused to stop or even cease at all her addiction to video games, moreover online video games, the reason why she attended therapy in the first place. This addiction lays the background for the great majority of the series, bringing us into the background of the name and main idea behind the show. Codex has always had a hard time talking to and getting in relationships with men. Her personality online is a polar opposite to that of her real life. This is an important part of the background as these separate identities prove to be trouble for her and the guild member in the future.

The guild is an online guild in an MMORPG called, fittingly “The Game”, in this game a group of people have come together to form a  guild called “The knight of The Good”. These member consist of Cud Sherman,Sujan Goldberg,Herman Holden,Simon Kemplay,Clara Beane and April Lou.In the game they all hold separate alternate identities.The guild member have been playing together for a while and devoted much of their lives to the game and to each other.The guild had once been extremely close in the game sharing all its Internet gaming spoils of raiding and pillaging, however the structure of the members begin to breakdown online and the guild is in danger of breaking up.

One of the members feels another one is flirting with him and in turn gets madly in love with him, as he iswith her. Zaboo, or Sujaan Goldberg begins to stalk Codex. Zaboo’s (a.k.aSujaan) has a very strict background and his background is brought to light earlier in the series.He has been under the thumb of his controlling mother his entire life and has tried to escape.The guild gang, now with Zaboo and Codex the only oneswho have ever seen each other in offline real life, decide to meet up.During this the show begins to develop and relations take off from there.The background of the show allows a real reason for the gang to come together, showing that the show is complex, hilarious and very interesting.

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