The Guild 1

February 26, 2014 - theguild

The Guild: The Beginning Season

Running six seasons, The Guild is a series based on the life of the members of an online group playing the game called “The Game”. The members as a whole are part of a guilt named “The Knights for The Good”. Within the group, there are different dynamics and several hilarious relationships and situational comedic aspects. Throughout the season, the characters and plotline develop and get more interesting and allow for fun and excitement to become important features. Each season brings a new adventure and a new agenda for the guild and the surrounding characters. The Season lays a foundation for the rest, setting up a rapport and connection between the character and viewer.   Season one begins with introducing the guilds main characters: Codex,Zaboo,Vork,Bladez,Clara and Tinkerballa. Codex is an unassuming, shy and very non-confrontational gamer who is trying to focus on spending less time online and more time on spending their reallife. Her real life is interrupted when her conversations are mistaken as flirtatious invitations and Zaboo ends up becoming a stalking bent on winning her love. Zaboo used his skill to hack into information concerning her life, even her apartment schematics and floor plans.Zaboo ends up living in the same apartment as Codex,Codex trying to find a way of making that situation come to an end. The guild reluctantly agrees to meet up in person and upon. Bladez has been banned from the game and in an effort of uniformitarian Work transfers all the gold the guild has to Bladez’s account.This not only angers the guild members but puts them in a position that if they choose to explore the banned blaze from the guild they will lose everything they have worked for.   To make matters worse, as well as more exciting and comedic for the viewer there bring more complicated situations. Bladez decides to ransom and slander the members of the guild by showing videos of the guild member characters in inappropriate situations. This stress has brought Codex no closer to Zaboo leaving her home and left a lot of room for comedy. Zaboo has fled his home in an epic turn of events as his home life comes to find him.  Zabo’s mother enters the picture as the typical and token overbearing and over controlling mother.The one who has controlled every aspect of Zaboo’s life up to this point saves the Internet.Sadly Zaboos Mother has found out about the Internet and his association with the guild member and his time playing “The Game”. He had once saw the guild as his only escape, this was no longer true.   The last of the seasons ends with Zaboo finding out about Bladezz’ secret modelling career and blackmailing him into returning all of the gold and items he had in his possession. The guild fights off Zaboo’s mother in “The Game”.Bladezz redeems his wrongdoing by killing Zaboo’s mother in the game and at the same time Codex realizes she received her loot, which is Zaboo and considers the repercussions of that.

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