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The Guild Characters

The Guild is an American comedy web series based on the live of the main character Codex (Cyd Sherman), and the others in the guild. All the characters are part of the guild called “Knights of the Good” in the game entitled “The Game”.Codex is the guilds high priestess, a title which she and other in the guild take very seriously and hold very close to their heart.

The characters themselves are extremely well developed. During the beginning of the series you can see the start of the characters’ evolution.The comedic value and enjoyable content is prevalent from the initial episode until the final episode.However, character development is an important part, if not the most important part of The Guild.Below it is a brief idea of the characters and what makes up their character.

The Main Characters and Their Traits:

  • Codex-Cyd Sherman:A shy gamer girl who doesn’t do well with stress or confrontation. Guild Priestess.
  • Zaboo-Sujan Goldberg:A mixed race gamer, Hindu and Jewish, smothered by his mother and driven to stalkerdom of Codex.Guild Warlock.
  • Vork-Herman Holden:Frugal and logical, concerned with money and saving lives. Guild Warrior.
  • Bladez-Simon Klempar:Seemingly rude jokester, a teenager with a secret modellingcareer. Guilds Rogue.
  • Tinkerballa-April Lou: Deceitful and secretive in real life, opposite to its true online self. Guild Ranger
  • Clara-Clara Beane:Mother,though not a good one. Partier and concerned more with gaming than anything else. Guild Frost mage.

Along with the main characters, later characters are introduce adding funny and interesting plot lines to the series. Some of the more important and interesting characters are often those that are coming against “The knights of the Good”guild adding suspense and drama to each episode. Some of the more memorable characters are those of the Axis of Anarchy which is the opposite equivalent to the “The knights of the Good „guild.

The Axis of Anarchy Characters:

Fawkes: The leader of the Axis. Never seen without his signature black kilt. Portrays an uninterested demeanour, however very interested in the character of Codex.

Venom: Paraplegic who uses her disability to her advantage.

Bruiser: Portrayed as a vicious and aggervatable bully.He also works as a corruptpolice officer.

Kwan: Speaks only Korean. Skilled in gaming.

Valkrie: Seems to try too hard, possibly to over compensate covering closet homosexuality. Also seen as the almost-funny guy.His jokes never seem to go over so well with anyone but him.

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