March 15, 2014 - theguild

The Guild: The End

When the last season of the guild arrived, many people were sad and rightly so.The series was well developed, full of comedy and real life touching experiences.The show not only gained a following in the Internet world, but was critically acclaimed for its writing, acting development as well as other positive aspects of the show.No one was sure if the show had truly ended until during the phone interview with the series creator and lead writer, Felicia Day who confirmed that season 6 would be the last season for The Guild. To appreciate the end you have to refresh the amazing beginning.Friends on the MMORPG game who as a group go by the guild name of “The knight of the Good” and identify as a guild with one another are, by some circumstances, brought together offline and forced in a way to become friends. The show’s premise was to show that not every so called gamer was a stay at home forty year old man that lives in his mom’s basement, and the show proved just that.The show showed that people of all shapes and sizes can live and play the video game well. The last season begins with the normal aspect of Codex looking into the Webcam and discussing the previous event that led up to what unfolds. Codex is now working at the headquarters of her beloved game, “The Game”. She has begun to notice that her boss is a no good tyrant who is thoughtless and turns her co-workers against her. She begins to do menial and tedious tasks just to appease her boss.During this time, the Guild members all seem to slowly fall apart with the member going offline concerning “The Game”.Clara has begun trying to make her husband apply by uploading videos of herself caring for her children and showing others how to care for children.Kara’s husband is more concerned with making money off the video than the fact the she is doing what he said that he wanted from her.The dynamics in the last season take on a more serious undertone and show that the series has a real range of emotions. The Guild member decides to pay a visit to “The Game’s” headquarters and their guild member Codex.The plan is to convince Codex to convince her boss to release an expansion pack they want to play. Tinkerballa, who is the female Casanova of the guild begins to seduce a man and tell him he may do small tasks for her and in exchange she will spend time with him but finally she falls in love. Zaboo finds love as well in the form of his real life dream girl.In the end, the guild members are back together as friends and living life together both online and offline.

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