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The Guild: History of Production

The Guild was created and written by Felicia Day.Felicia Day has had recurring roles on several television shows and movies in America. During the time of her acting, she became an avid gamer. Becoming obsessed with online multiple player role playing games, Felicia Day made a decision to begin writing something productive about her gaming experience. She began writing a television sitcom pilot, with the idea to sell the pilot to a network. Day wanted to portray the idea that not all gamers are live-in-their mom’s basement forty year old slackers and that she did. Day created a wonderful pilot for continuous series with a complex and relatable story as well as extremely funny story lines. It is all revolving around the not so stereotypical gamers.

Day decided to move the production of Guild online. Keeping it online meant she could keep the majority of creative control over the show. Felicia Day herself remained the show main producer, the series kept an original tone of joy ability and underlying every day and sometimes with outlandish and creative humor. Once production began to get under way, auditions were held and Day found her characters. Only two and a half days after shooting the independently distributed series ran out of money. Thank full due to the series being one that had so much potential and appeal, donations were quickly acquired through PayPal. Donations allowed for almost the entire financing of the fourth and fifth episodes.

After the fifth episode, The Guild had gained accreditation as a catching series gaining a pop-cult following almost immediately. The guild is an amazing series that has acquired several titles and awards for its creativity,humor and developed storyline. Awards given to The Guild include, Best Original series, Best Comedy Series, Best Female Actor, Best Ensemble Cast and many more that pay tribute to the series’ commercial as well as critically acclaimed success.

Production for The Guild was given a helping hand by being distributed through large companies after they discovered the commercial success of the amazingly addictive series. After the success of the first series, or season one, the companies began to fight over distribution rights or access to the show. The production of the show ran for six seasons spanning the years from 2007 to 2013.By the end of the show, the cast characters and show as a whole had a large fan base and deserved reputation as one of the funniest and most enjoyable shows on the Internet.

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