March 6, 2014 - theguild

The Guild: Relationships

The guild is filled with intricate and hilarious relationships. Each relationship is interconnected and therefore affected by the other, allowing for hilarious situations to be presented to the public. The relationships span and crossover the real, offlineworld as well as the online world of the Knights of Good guild in The Game. This crossover allows a lot of really great comedic situations and relatable emotional qualities for the series. The characters all have some or another relationship with oneanother, however some are more dynamic and make more of an impact on the show. Below are some of the main dynamics, and funniest relationships of the show.

Codex and Virk are the only guild members and overall the only people in the show who seem to take everything they do seriously. The seriousness of the pair seems to add comedy in the fact that even frivolous matters are very serious matters to them. Codex and Virk’s relationship is about keeping things in order. In season three,Virk thinks so much of Codex and her qualities of responsibility and sombreness that he relinquishes his cherished Guild leadership to her. Virk feels he is not worthy for the title of the game leader and feels that Codex is.

Zibo is a hopeless romantic with a heart only for Codex. Codex seems to not feel a thing for Zibo, whom has already planned their wedding. Zibo says he loved Codex before he even saw her face, love at first avatar. At one point Codex finds herself with feelings for Zibo as well bringing relief to the viewers as they knew it all along this act allows for emotional involvement, showing just how developed the guild really is.These too hold compassion and underlying feelings on Codex.

Codex relationship with her all friends allow for many hilarious moments in the show. Codex and Tinkerbelle have a relationship where Tinkerbelle acts as a sort of reverse life coach for Codex. Pushing and coaching Codex to date more men and have as many relationships as possible. The opposite is true of Clara and Codex. Codex is always trying to reform Clara to be a better mother, wife and all around calmer grown up lady. Clara tends to party as a single person would leaving her husband, Mr.Wiggles behind often. Codex seems to finds this unpleasing and often coaches Clara on the importance of love and family.

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