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March 12, 2014 - theguild

The Guild: Season Three

Season three of The Guild is a hilarious turning point for the show. Not only by this time did it pick up the pop culture following what it deserved but it also began to dive deeper into not only the comedic and absolutely hilarious side of the characters but also in the real life issues surrounding the show. The show itself in season three was critically acclaimed as well as taken in very well by viewers.

Season three begins with Codex (A.K.A Cud Sherman in the offline world) looking in to her webcam. She seem to have overcome the previous season horrible party where she not only got her heart broken by Wade, her love interest but hurt her friend and the only man who was chasing her Zaboo. Codex begins by talking about the new expansion pack for the game that she seems to feel that it will make the entire world better. The guild all come together at Game stop and wait for “The Game’s „expansion pack to be released. They find themselves in the front of the line, until their guild “The Knights of Good” are bamboozled and pushed to the back of the line all due to their arch nemesis, their rival guild “The Axis of Anarchy”. The Axis’ leader had tricked Game stop employee and thus the guild found themselves at the back of the line.

Tinkerbella, a former member of the guild is no longer part of “The Knights of the Good”. Clara, sees this opportunity. Clara finds herself in a marital battle. This situation in itself is both hilarious and heart-warming, showing the great range of the show. Clara’s husband is fed up and angry that she is spending so much time online and neglecting him and their children. Clara uses the opportunity she has seen in Tinkerbelle spot being vacant, and suggests her husband to fill out that spot. Comedy ensues as he has no video game knowledge and he finds himself in the presence of professional gamers. Marriages are threatened and the “Axis of Anarchy begins to harass the “Knights of the Good „guild member in both their online and offline lives. Having inappropriate relationships with mothers, exposing secret modelling relationships and making threats is all that the public could see in the case of this season. The next and most epic turn of events happens when the rival guild “Axis of Anarchy „challenges the “Knights of Good” to a real life battle. The battle ends up taking place at an Internet cafe. The two guilds begin fighting.

However, comedy comes to surface once again when real life situations take over the game and one by one members of both of the guild begin to have online characters die off due to real life problems. Tank returns to the Knights of the Good. In the end, Codex and the leader of the guild “Axis of Anarchy” leave and this does not happen in the game but they rather wake up in the same bed the next morning and this is all in real life. The entire show is hilarious as well as touching and season three is no exception. Season three is a climax for the development of the series and for the changing process in the case of allthe characters and the plot line.

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