March 3, 2014 - theguild

The Guild: Season Two

The guild has proven to be a show that you can watch over and over again. It has reached over 69 million downloads since 2011.The main attraction of the show is the plot line and its development over the seasons. Season two was a turning point in the show, proving that gamers are not stereotypical and that The Guild is and will always be a great and hilarious show.

Season two is hilarious and entertaining. You should be reminded that Zaboo’s Mother has implanted a tracking device type chip into Zaboo to keep on checking his where abouts…all the time. The beginning of the season focuses on Zaboos very controlling mother. Zaboo’s mother has her son Zaboo and Codex evicted from the apartment in an act of revenge. In a comedic act, Codex convinces Zaboo since she cannot be his love interest in real life until he levels up in the game he should move in with Vork, who will accept in-game gold as rent payment. During this time Codex decides to pursue a new love interest at all cost adding hilarious situations and comedy value to the beginning of the second season.

Romantic antics are all part of the guild during Season two. As the young Bladezz becomes under the impression that Tinkerbella is interested in him and begins buying her presents. During this gift buying process he maxes out his mother’s credit card. Tinkerbella is in fact not interested in Bladezze but in the gifts she wants from him. Concerning Zaboo and Codex relationship, a third party becomes involved vehemently. Vork comes annoyed and decides to coach Zaboo on how to cease his being stupid in trying to win Codex’ heart and “man up’’ so to say.While Zaboo is being coached on how to win her heart,Codex is having love problems of her own.Codex’s love interest seems uninterested in her.Come to find out he has what she describes as a “Stupid Tall Hot Girlfriend”.This information disgusts Codex and she decides to allow more time for online play, the thing she was trying to avoidin the first season.

The Game is shut down for a few hours for maintenance so some of the guild decide to have a party and gamble, during which Codex’ s former love interest Wade is in attendance with his “stupid hot girlfriend”.Bladezze plans to win back some of the money he wasted on Tinkerbella that almost works out. As the party goes on Codex finds out the girlfriend of Wades was actually his roommate.As they are kissing,Zaboo walks in. Zaboo and Wade fight,Wade wins.Wade is distraught at Zaboos interest in Codex and gives up.Codex dishes Zaboo and when leaving, he sees Wade kissing her guild mate Clare.This prompts her to return and apologize to Zaboo,only to find him in the arm of another woman.


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