February 20, 2014 - theguild

The Guild

The Guild is an animated series based on the lives of a few characters and their attempt to live their online and offline lives the best way they can. The characters are a group of people who have become associated with each other through playing a MMORPG online role play game called “Knights of the Good”. The series then develops as the characters come close, go away and new characters are added. Each season is actually also represented by one main episode.

The characters and the plot are the main subjects of the series. The characters and their relation between each other represent the main focus of the entire show.  Each character seems to have some problems dealing with the real world on a daily basis. The characters are full of real life drama as well as online problems, which makes the show a varied and interesting one. Below there is a list of characters including and their names are all associated with them. Keep in mind that the same as in the case of real life these well-developed characters are always changing and growing during the series. The characters are referred to by their real names and that name they have chosen for the online world of the Knights of the Good.

The Main Characters:

  • Codex-Cud Sherman
  • Zaboo-Sujan Goldberg
  • Vork-Herman Holden
  • Bladez-Simon Klempar
  • Tinkerballa -April Lou
  • Clara-Clara Beane

The basis of the plot line begins when Codex is trying to limit her online time and focus on real everyday life tasks and goals.All this time,Zabbol has reconsidered her communication skills within the game to be flirtatious towards him and decided he should pursue Codex in real life. He decided to stalk her, show up on her doorstep and they started living in the same apartment. The gang is presented through various ups and downs, involving blackmail as well as over protective features and an overbearing mother who reluctantly endup meeting in person for the first time.

The Guild Series has eight seasons so far. The season lasted from 2007 to 2013.Throughout the entire run the plot-line is with interesting ideas based on the fact that common associations and molds associated with online role playing game players, should not be limited to a certain type of people. Young vibrant characters that have real life drama as well as online problems have been considered for the MMORPG game. The entire series if full of love interest and exciting ups and downs. Later in the show many interesting characters are added to the list of main characters as well making the show a well-rounded and exciting series.

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